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The Australian Government Department of Human Services (the department) to provide the results of that enquiry to Future X Power.

I understand that:

The department will use information I have provided to Future X Power to confirm my eligibility for the relevant concession and will disclose to Future X Power personal information including my name, address and concession card type and status.

This consent, once signed, remains valid while I am a Customer of Future X Power unless I revoke it by contacting Future X Power or the department.

I can obtain proof of my circumstances/details from the department and provide it to Future X Power so that my eligibility for the relevant concession can be determined.

If I withdraw my consent or do not alternatively provide proof of my circumstances/details, I may not be eligible for the concession provided by Future X Power.

Signed: __________ Date: __________

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Terms and conditions can be located at: Here

Additional Details

  • Direct Debit - nominated bank account or credit card. - Payment methods - Bpay, Mastercard or Visa from our website.
  • Credit card payment fee - 1.5% of your total bill.
  • Termination fee - $0
  • For more information please review our >Policies & Terms.

What Happens Next?

Once you have submitted this application a welcome email will sent to your email address outlining the details of your agreement and what will happen next. If you have opted to receive postal communication you will receive a welcome pack from Future X Power in the mail within the next two business days. You have a 10 business day cooling off period which starts from the time you accept this agreement. If you would like to cancel please contact us on 1300 599 008

The Future X Power head office is located at Suite 2G, Level2, 33 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Thankyou for choosing Future X Power and enjoy your new offer!

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Future X Power


  1. I have read the terms and conditions of the above electricity retailer offer including information around pricing and conditions. The pricing stated above is dependent on your meter set up and where you live. An exact copy of your rates will be sent in your welcome pack. Further information around pricing can be obtained at [Link] Type your postcode in to bring up pricing in your area.
  2. I understand and agree thatFuture X Power may vary its rates tariff structure, bill frequency and terms of my electricity plan and it will notify me of any changes in accordance with the terms and conditions of my plan. Where Future X Power determines a change to the charges is necessary it will notify me and I may terminate my plan in accordance with the terms and conditions of my contract.
  3. I understand and agree that if I am not currently a customer of Future X Power, my energy will be transferred to Future X Power as of my next available meter read the date.
  4. I understand that I have a 10 business day cooling off period which begins from the day I accept this agreement.