Upgrading from Basic to a smart meter

The upgrade will be completed within 15 business days of Future X Power receiving your request. The date may vary if we agree to different installation date due to the following reasons if:

  • We have not received the correct paperwork for the meter to be installed, or the paperwork is incomplete
  • If the upgrade requires solar installation
  • If the site has access issues or the site isn’t ready for meter upgrade
  • If the upgradation will impact the electricity supply of other properties
  • You have life support and require an appointment for the planned interruption

The meter exchange will involve an interruption to your power supply for 1 hour. We will reconnect your power once the job is completed. We will notify you if there is any further delay to connect your power.

Upgrade to a smart meter – your meter is faulty

We will coordinate with our MC (Metering Coordinate) PLUS ES to replace or repair the faulty meter at your premise no later than 15 days from Future X Power being notified of the fault.